'Westworld' Season 2 Trailer Revealed at Comic-Con

HBO's Westworld has become one of the biggest series on TV, with a serious cult-following and mind-bending sci-fi twists that fans love the discuss and theorize about.

Well, fans were disappointed that Westworld season 2 isn't coming until 2018 - but to hold them over, HBO unveiled a new Westworld season 2 trailer at San Diego Comic-Con.

Watch the new Westworld trailer above!

The blood-caked new trailer shows teases of where Westworld's principal players will be in season 2, with some characters like Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) finding bold new paths; other characters like The Man In Black (Ed Harris) still walking the same path; and others like Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) seemingly at a crossroads.

This is clearly just a conceptual tease (hence the imagery of the bloody piano) as HBO continues production; but it will get fans buzzing, reminding them new worlds beyond the west are about to open up...


Westworld season 2 premieres in 2018 on HBO.

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