'Broken' Matt Hardy Returns in YouTube Video

There's new doubt about it - "Broken" Matt Hardy is back!

The WWE Superstar released a video to his personal YouTube channel on Thursday night titled "It Has Begun."

The video shows Hardy speaking in his "Broken" persona, asking Senor Benjamin (his real life father-in-law and former wrestling character) to bring him his "Cloak of Battle."

"It has begun. The #7Deities have WOKEN my #BROKENBrilliance on the plane identified as WWE. Senor Benjamin, PROCURE my Coat of Battle. The #GreatWar has begun," Hardy wrote in the video's description.

This is just one of many signs over the past week that point to Hardy bringing his popular gimmick from his time at Impact Wrestling over to WWE. Both he and Jeff left Impact in February and returned to WWE programming in April, but were prevented from using anything from the "Broken Universe" due to trademark ownership disputes.

But once Impact's parent company Anthem Sports and Entertainment announced they were dropping the legal battle over the trademark, Matt and his family wasted no time dropping hints of the "Broken Universe's" return

It's been reported that WWE will alter the the gimmick slightly, so "Broken" will be changed into "Woken" or something similar before Matt's new persona arrives on television. Hardy has already changed his Twitter profile name to #Woken Matt Hardy, if that's any indication.


WWE hasn't released anything official regarding Hardy's gimmick change, but fans will be sure to keep a close eye on next week's episode of Monday Night Raw.