24: Legacy Cancelled at Fox

FOX has cancelled 24: Legacy after one season., Legacy follows the Counter Terrorist Unit as they [...]

FOX has cancelled 24: Legacy after one season.

(Photo: FOX)

Starring Corey Hawkins (The Walking Dead, Straight Outta Compton), Legacy follows the Counter Terrorist Unit as they try to shut down a new terror cell hiding out in the US. While the investigation gets under way, a squad of former military veterans - led by Hawkins - must try and keep delicate information away from the infamous Bin-Khalid.

"I think middle America will watch the show and they will feel a sense of escape and relief by watching it," executive producer Brian Grazer said when it launched.

The pilot episode of 24: Legacy hit on some of the more serious issues of the country. PTSD, race relations, veteran care, and residual sterotypes are all explored in the first hour of the new series.

According to Variety, "The network and studio 20th Century Fox Television are exploring future iterations of 24, possibly as an anthology built around the real-time storytelling format of the original series."

FOX has recently brought back not just 24 but also Prison Break and The X-Files. In both of those cases, reviews and ratings haven't lived up to the lofty standards of the original mega-hits, but they have done well enough to gain the faith of FOX executives.

Both Prison Break and The X-Files were also promoted as miniseries events, whereas 24: Legacy was a potentially ongoing series.