YouTube Users Take A Bath In 1,500 Gallon Coca-Cola Swimming Pool

Several YouTube users have found an interesting way to beat the summer heat with the ultimate refreshing experience. After buying thousands of Coke bottles and spending hours opening and pouring the bottles, these geniuses made a giant 1,500 gallon Coca-Cola swimming pool.

After filling the above ground pool with 1,500 gallons of the soft drink, the filmmakers also decided to pour in a bucket full of Mentos and 200 pounds of ice. "We got Mentos. We got ice. We got a drone. We got the whole package," claimed the cameraman narrating the video.

"This is something you wouldn't even see in the movies," they also stated.

The group then convinced one fellow group member named Ryan to jump into the refreshing beverage pool.

Upon jumping into the pool, Ryan exclaimed in an accurate assessment, "I feel like I'm in a pool of Coke, man." He also mentioned that it "feels really smooth actually, like I feel all the fizz from the inside and it feels really weird."

As an attempt to further stave off boredom, the filmmakers then decided to launch a drone into the swimming pool because as the narrator claimed, "What's this channel without tech destruction?" The drone took flight and then surged into the Coke pool coming out damaged and sticky as one would imagine.

The filmmakers posted the video on YouTube and it has already received over 19 million views and more than 227k likes. While this may seem like a desperate attempt to stave off boredom, people have clearly found this video wildly entertaining.


Do you think Coca-Cola pools could be the new summer trend for beating the heat?