What Is Up With Lindsay Lohan’s Strange Accent?

Lindsay Lohan has started speaking in a very strange accent and nobody knows why.

The Parent Trap star is accustomed to speaking in a British accent for her roles, but this is something else entirely. While in Athens, Lohan talked to reporters in an accent that seemed to be a combination of multiple countries.

"I can't stop watching. It's kinda Irish, kinda ambiguous Euro, w a dash of Aussie," tweeted one follower.

"lmao thats kind of russia meets irish lindsay lohan," noted another.

And I figured out, I said, 'Maybe there's something for me to do more here,' so I have a reason to come back," Lohan said in her unusual accent. "And Athens, my first time coming to Athens - Dennis is my friend, and that's all he is is my friend and business partner - but his mother became a very close person to me and his sister as well, and his father."


What do you think of Lohan's new accent?

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