Westworld Chronology Explained In New Video

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead For Westworld Season One!

The events of Westworld, while completely captivating, are difficult to keep up with. Many fans have been viewing the episodes multiple times in a row, just to try and have a better grasp of what's happening in the show.

Even if you watch the episodes 100 times, the timelines are still a bit confusing. Luckily for fans, one dedicated YouTuber has made some sense of everything.

Ingrid Bolsø Berdal as Armistice, Leonardo Nam as Felix, Rodrigo Santoro as Hector, Thandie Newton as Maeve - credit John P Johnson HBO
(Photo: HBO)

Zen Zap has released a three-part video series about the Westworld timeline, and releases the information in chronological order. While the video on chronicles the events of the first six episodes, it still helps a great deal when thinking about your theories.

Part one, which you can watch above, starts at the very inception of Westworld. The video explores Ford and Arnold founding Westworld, and the first couple years before the park was open. What everyone thought was Bernard has been revealed as Arnold, and Bernard is just a copy that Ford made.

The videos move into the opening of the park, William's arrival in Westworld, and Dolores' journey to find the maze.

Later on, she kills Arnold, and Ford buries the church. This set of stories brings about the Man in Black, and he begins his search for the center of the maze.

One thing that this video, nor anyone, can fully confirm, is the origin of the Man in Black. Some theories state that he is an older version of William, while others believe he is Logan. At the same time, nothing has ruled out that this man could be neither of them. There's a chance, even will all of the parallels, that the Man in Black is simply just some guy.

The latest events in the series involve Charlotte's arrival at Westworld, and the plans to displace Ford.

If you're having trouble keeping up with Westworld, give these videos a watch. They are a little long, but it's easier than watching all nine episodes with a pen and a pad.



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