WATCH: President Obama Joins Jimmy Fallon To 'Slow Jam The News'

Watch as President Obama and Jimmy Fallon hilariously "Slow Jam The News." President Obama joined the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon to recap his legacy and accomplishments over the past 8 years of his presidency to the backdrop of a slow jam accompaniment.

Fallon's band "The Roots" played along with a slow tempo groove while President Obama and Jimmy Fallon went back and forth 'slow jamming the news'. Obama spoke of stimulating the economy, creating jobs, and the Affordable Care Act. Fallon periodically interjected in a deep sultry tone with lines like, "Ohhh yeah. President Obama stimulated long term growth. In 2008, the country wasn't feeling in the mood. It was too tired, stressed - said it had a headache. Barack lit some candles and got some silky satin sheets. Told the American people, 'Yes We can'."

President Obama later garnered the most laughs when throwing shade at presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump stating, "Orange is not the new black." While the President stated he was not one to name names, Black Thought of the Roots band interjected, "He's talking about Donald Trump." In addition to dissing Donald Trump, Obama used the platform to challenge his opposition concerning issues such as the Iran nuclear deal, the Trans-Pacific partnership trade, and the renewed relations with Cuba.


President Obama then ended the hilarious jam session with an epic mic drop before walking off stage. The routine was a revival of a skit the duo performed back in 2012, and last night's routine was a sequel well worth watching.