Watch: Mike Pence Says He Wasn't Offended During the 'Hamilton' Show

Donald Trump has been on a Twitter rampage regarding the cast of 'Hamilton' addressing him at Friday night's show; However, Vice President-elect Mike Pence says he wasn't affected by the comments.

"My daughter and I and her cousins really enjoyed the show. Hamilton is just an incredible production and incredibly talented people," Pence said on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. "It was a real joy to be there. When we arrived, we heard a few boos and we heard some cheers, and I nudged my kids and reminded them that's what freedom sounds like."

Pence says he wasn't offended by what was said and continued in saying, "I'll leave it to others whether that was the appropriate venue to say it."

Pence says Trump meant what he said on election night "from the bottom of his heart," saying "He is preparing to be the president of all of the people of the United Stated of America."

Many are worried as Pence is an advocate for the anti-LGBTQ legislation thus creating a lot of boos upon his arrival to the play.

According to PEOPLE, Broadway is a place where many in the LGBTQ community have gone for years. 'Hamilton' has casted many lead roles to their diverse actors, including Javier Munoz – an openly gay and HIV-positive actor.

Trump is asking for an apology from the cast and crew saying the theater should be a "safe and special place," and believes Pence was harassed during the show.


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