Watch 'American Idol' Contestant Kellie Pickler's Epic Fail On 'Celebrity Family Feud'

Celebrity Family Feud premiered Sunday night on ABC, and American Idol contestant Kellie Pickler had everyone cracking up laughing when competing against former *NSYNC member, Lance Bass.

The show, hosted by comedian Steve Harvey, pits contestants against one another in order to try to guess the most popular answers to survey questions. The celebrities are competing for charity, and were clearly very excited to be on the show as evidenced by Kellie Pickler's attempt at answering the first survey question.

When country artist Kellie Pickler and her opponent Lance Bass made their way up to the podium, they were clearly overcome with the excitement of being on a game show. Pickler nervously giggled several times before Steve Harvey could even ask the question, and Lance Bass was all smiles and was laughing at Pickler.

Harvey then asked the question, "We asked 100 women...Name something specific that only your man is allowed to do to your behind?" Then as Pickler and Bass tried to press the button faster than the other in order to take the points to their team when Pickler hilariously missed the button and instead slapped the table. Pickler then exclaiming, "I missed the button," as both teams were laughing at the ridiculousness of the moment.

Pickler's wild reaction took Bass and Harvey by surprise, as Harvey stated, "You scared the s*** out of me." Bass then went on to answer Harvey's survey question with the answer, "Pinch it." Bass' answer was on the board, but only the sixth most answered response. Pickler then answered with "Spank it" in her thick country accent, which resulted in the most highly answered response from the survey results.


To check out more of Celebrity Family Feud, look for the show on ABC on Sunday Nights.