Val Kilmer Says Michael Douglas Sent Him An Apology Note After Claiming He Has Cancer

There are no hard feelings between Val Kilmer and Michael Douglas.

Last month, Douglas claimed in a Q&A in London, England, that Kilmer was battling tongue cancer. Kilmer quickly denied the rumor during a radio interview and said Douglas was "misinformed."

On Tuesday, Kilmer shared on Facebook that Douglas wrote a "nice note apologizing" to him for suggesting he "wasn't doing too well."

"[He] was grateful to hear I am doing well," Kilmer wrote. "He's a classy guy."

The Kiss Kiss Bang Bang star also reminisced about the first time he met Douglas. "[Director] Oliver Stone insisted I meet him, knowing what Michael would say about Oliver torturing him during Wall Street," Kilmer recalled. "It was hilarious and Oliver was relishing reliving Michael's pain. It all worked out and all was forgiven on Oscar night I believe."


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