Two Moose Freeze To Death While Locked In Combat

When Brad Webster was out for a walk with a friend near a Bible camp in Western Alaska, nothing could have prepared him for what he saw protruding from a frozen lake. Upon excavation of the strange sight, Webster realized the protrusions were two sets of moose antlers attached to two frozen corpses.

It's assumed that the moose began a fight with one another in August during rutting season in hopes of impressing a potential mate. Webster believes that one of the moose became injured during the bout and when the antlers became interlocked, they both succumbed to the lake's icy waters.

Webster made the discovery with Jeff Erickson, someone who's hunted in the area for 50 years but claims to have never seen such a thing. Erickson claims, "It was such a surreal sight - so serene and quiet, but a stark vision of how brutally harsh life can be."

The duo removed the caracasses from the ice and used the meat for dog food and trapping bait. As for the skulls, Webster plans to clean and bleach them to put on display at the very Bible camp near which the discovery was made.