Stephen King's Dog Pledges Vote to One of His Most Evil Characters

Author Stephen King has written some dark and scary stories. He's written about Crimson Kings and twisted monsters, about telepathic vengeance and blood-suckers. But lately, he's been taking to twitter and his blog to talk about the U.S. presidential election, something many find equally terrifying.

Well, he went for a little levity ahead of the election, with an assist from his adorable dog Molly.

"Molly, aka the Thing of Evil, after believing Donald Trump was the CANDIDATE of evil, switches her allegiance to someone even worse," King wrote. Pictured? Molly sitting happily next to a sign that says "Vote Pennywise," referring to the creepy clown that stars in It.

Fictional characters have gotten the vote out across pop culture, with characters like Captain America, Batman, and Darth Vader regularly receiving write-in votes for president (um, they can't actually win, for the record), but Pennywise is a whole different step.

So what platform does Pennywise run for president on? Well, his campaign slogan is clearly "We all float down here!" the most famous quote from It. However, the book also gives a solid political campaign strategy, when King wrote, "We lie best when we lie to ourselves."

Interestingly enough, he also wrote in that book, "Politics always change. Stories never do."

If you want to (mostly) escape the real-life politics of election day, King's media tab on his twitter page is basically identical to any dog-parent. It's pages upon pages of Molly pictures, always referred to as "aka Thing of Evil," and often in adorable or hilarious situations.


Stephen King's It is currently in production for a new film adaptation, having been adapted previously as a TV mini-series in 1990. The new version, from director Andrés Muschietti, looks to go all-in on the creepy clown pastiche, with first shots of the character Pennywise being more overtly creepy, rather than an ordinary-looking clown who happens to be a terrifying monster. Bill Skarsgard stars as Pennywise the clown, with a new cast of kids in "The Losers Club" in Derry, Maine trying to make it through threats both normal and supernatural.

It is in theaters September 8, 2017.