Star Trek, Fast And Furious Directors Developing Robin Hood Series

More and more blockbuster filmmakers are making their move to the small screen, and it looks like Justin Lin and Alex Kurtzman are following suit.

The Hollywood Reporter has announced that CBS has picked up a pilot order from the pair. The series is based on the novel, A Burglar's Guide To The City, and follows a modern band of theives that steal from the rich and give to the poor. The modern day look at Robin Hood follows current TV projects adapting Oliver Twist and King Arthur.

Justin Lin is fresh off of his latest hit, Star Trek: Beyond. Prior to his intergalactic success, Lin was best known for his work on the Fast and Furious franchise. Lin directed, and produced, four of the films, and will continue his role as producer moving forward. He has also signed on to direct the long-awaited Space Jam sequel, as well as the next Bourne film.

Lin has had some experience in TV before Burglars, as he directed episodes of True Detective, Community, and Scorpion.


Kurtzman is no stranger to television either, as he has made his name in the medium before moving on to the big screen. He served as a writer/producer for shows like Alias, Fringe, Sleepy Hollow, and Hawaii Five-0. He's currently helming the latest Mummy film, starring Tom Cruise, and has been announced as the director for the upcoming Sony/Marvel movie, Venom.


No word yet on when A Burglar's Guide To The City will premiere, but it will probably be another couple of years. With casting yet to be done, and a big budget to control, this one may be in the making for some time.