Sons Of Anarchy: Supposed Mayans MC Star Says He May Not Be Involved After All

Since it was announced that Mayans MC was the official follow-up to the ever-popular biker drama, Sons Of Anarchy, the details have been a bit hazey. It had been confirmed that Kurt Sutter was producing the spin-off, but he wanted a more accurate voice to run the new show.

Sutter tapped Elgin James to write and lead Mayans MC, and he feels that James will bring a heavy Latino voice to the project.

It seems as though one other person has been a shoe-in for the new series, and that's former Sons Of Anarchy star Emilio Rivera. The actor portrayed Marcus Alvarez on the original series, who was the president of the Mayans. Alvarez is a key character for the club, and it's hard for fans to see a series about the Mayans without the inclusion of Rivera.

Up until this week, Rivera has made it seem like he was already involved with the spin-off. On his social media accounts, he made a habit of posting pictures of his time with the Mayans. His #RollOut has been taken has a hint that he is helping to get the series off and running.

On Monday, however, Rivera started casting doubt in the minds of fans. While he was answering fans questions on Twitter, Rivera said he isn't locked into the series. First, a fan asked about his role as a producer on the show, and he countered by saying he didn't even know if he was on the show.

Later, another fan asked the actor outright if he was involved in the show. Rivera was straight up about his response, and it only took three words. "Talking about it."

This is a shock to fans of Sons Of Anarchy, as many were looking forward to Rivera's involvement in the series. This doesn't mean he won't be acting in Mayans MC, but it means nothing concrete has come yet.

His comment about talking also means the network has spoken to him about a role in the show. It looks like they are courting Rivera for a role on the show, but there hasn't been much progress.

Let's hope they get this worked out, becuase Rivera is a vital part of Mayans MC, and many believe the show wouldn't be much without him.

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