Samara Shocks Shoppers In Real-Life 'The Ring' Prank

In 2002, The Ring gave viewers a haunting specter in Samara, a young girl who was thrown down a well and left for dead who wanted people to know her story. A remake of the Japanese Ringu, The Ring terrified audiences and caused a string of other remakes of Asian horror films that resulted in varying degrees of success. To build awareness of the film's second sequel Rings, and electronics store was turned into a house of horrors with an incredibly clever prank.

In recent years, the ghoul from The Ring has been seen as more of a parody in popular culture, but the effectiveness of a long-haired and pale-faced little girl contorting herself to crawl from a TV is still terrifying, as these shoppers can attest. Kudos to Paramount for organizing the prank and to the performer playing Samara for effectively recreating the strange mannerisms seen in the film.

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The film's first sequel, The Ring Two, was generally considered a flop and is the reason we've had to wait so long to see future installments. Rings, which hits theaters February 3, has already been delayed from its original release this past fall, which doesn't bode well for the horror film, but reviews haven't begun to come out yet.

Are you excited to see Rings or do you think the franchise should be left alone? Let us know in the comments!


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