Rusty Coones Teases Possibility Of Sons Of Anarchy Mini-Series Or Movie

(Photo: FX)

FX's Sons of Anarchy went off the air a year and a half ago, but rumors were already stirring about a possible mini-series or even a movie before the curtain was called on the final episode.

While nothing confirmed other than the Mayan MC spin-off finally getting a script, Rusty Coones, who played Rane Quinn on the cult TV show for two seasons, was interviewed by Real ROCK Radio 104.9 recently and dove into the status of any upcoming "Sons" projects and if the show was really "over".

"I really don't know," said Coones. "I'm not privy to all the inside stuff like that, but there will be some things coming. No doubt about it."

Coones went on to list some of the ideas being possibly tossed around. "There's going to be some kind of mini-series or maybe a regular series. Maybe a movie, you know, based on the original series. Timelines might be a little different. Maybe a prequel on one of them. There's a lot of options with that to work with."

The character of Rane Quinn was the former president of the Nomad Charter, who made his first appearance in the series' fifth season. Of course none of this has been confirmed by show creator Kurt Sutter, but if any of this came into fruition, it could be a way that fans get one more taste of Jax Teller.


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