Randy Orton: 'Bray Wyatt Likes Telling Stories Doesn't He?'

After Bray Wyatt called him out, Randy Orton explained why his patience is the reason he is still the Apex Predator between the two wrestlers.

On SmackDown LIVE on August 30, The New Face of Fear Bray Wyatt delivered a "sermon" presenting a challenge for the Viper. Wyatt told a tale of how Orton believes that he has a "venom" running through his veins, but Wyatt said he "doesn't fear snakes." Clearly, Wyatt feels that he is the predator now and that Orton is merely a mortal soul that will feel pain and suffering.

In response, Randy Orton explained on September 6 why he has allowed Bray Wyatt to keep running his mouth. Orton told a metaphorical story, to speak Wyatt's language, about a man who lives in the wild and a snake. Both the man and the snake were chasing a rabbit through the woods. The man catches the rabbit and plans on eating it all while the snake is lurking and watching.

Orton explained, "The snake never stopped wanting that rabbit, but when he saw the man, he knew he could have them both. He just had to lie there patiently waiting for the man's over-confidence to be his undoing."

The story was obvious symbolism for Bray Wyatt being overly confident and trying to ignite a feud with the Viper.

The Viper continued, "I'll be waiting patiently for Bray Wyatt at BackLash, and at Backlash...Bray Wyatt won't know what hit him."

Also, check out Bray Wyatt's sermon with an epic challenge to Randy Orton below:

Watch for the sinister showdown between Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt on SmackDown LIVE September 11, 2016.


Do you think Bray Wyatt will "cut the Viper's head off" like he says or can Randy Orton lay to rest the lofty claims by The Eater of World's with an explosive RKO?