Pokemon GO Gyms Are Being Flooded With Magikarps

(Photo: OLM/The Pokemon Company)

Let's get one thing straight: Magikarp is all but useless. Though I'm personally a fan of the floppy fish, the water-type pokemon can do little more that smack unsuspecting strangers with its tail if its on dry ground. Given Pokemon's long history, Magikarp has turned into a somewhat revered meme within the gaming community, and its reputation is now affecting Pokemon GO. How so? Well, it's because players are leaving their low-leveled Magikarps at gyms all over the country.

If you've seen the odd sight of a Magikarp sitting atop one of Pokemon GO's numerous gyms, then you've seen what's being called 'Karping.' Coined by Todd Anderson, the term refers to players putting out their Magikarp after they've conquered a gym. So far, there's primarily two reasons trainers choose to set out the lovable fish:

  1. It's hilarious. While the Magikarp will almost surely get overtaken immediately, for the brief time it leads the gym, Magikarp gets to feel what it's like to be the very best - like no Magikarp ever was.
  2. Sweet revenge. With Pokemon GO's factions growing more antagonistic towards one another, trainers will simply overtake a rivaling faction's gym only to insult them when they do so and then leave a Magikarp to watch over the locale. Savage.

Social media is filled with 'karping' posts as trainers have shared screenshots of the ludicrous phenomena. In fact, Magikarp has gained much attention for its Pokemon GO's presence since the app rolled out. For instance, Magikarp fans began championing the pokemon and went onto share their stories about evolving the fish into a mighty Gyarados. As for this latest story, you can check out some of Twitter's most hilarious reactions below:

So, what're your thoughts on this latest trend? Would you take on a gym with a Magikarp, even if it was just a joke?