PepsiCo Is Bringing Back Crystal Pepsi Nationwide


The 90's era nostalgic throwback soda Crystal Pepsi is coming back to stores after popular demand. The clear soda will go on sale in 20-ounce bottles for only a limited time at major retailers starting July 7 in Canada and August 8 in the U.S., according to PepsiCo.

After an online sweepstakes that lasted less than two days in December Crystal Pepsi briefly made a comeback, but this comeback is slated to last a bit longer. PepsiCo is betting that their customers will purchase the soft drink in bulk at stores all over the country. Crystal Pepsi will be available for 8 weeks, so customers need to scoop as much of it up as they can when the soft drink makes its return.

Not only has PepsiCo announced the return of Crystal Pepsi, but they also announced this week that they would be bringing back aspartame-sweetened Diet Pepsi. The soft drink will be returning to stores after the brand faced backlash when the company tried to reformulate the product's ingredients last year, according to AdAge. However, the return of Crystal Pepsi is less about backlash and more so about giving their customers the nostalgic product that was so prevalent in the 90's.

"Pepsi is all about pop culture and few things are as hot right now in pop culture as the 1990's," stated the director of marketing for Pepsi, Linda Lagos. The new marketing campaign for the nostalgic product will be appropriately 90's-themed as well.

In another nod to 90's pop culture, Pepsi is also releasing a video game called "The Crystal Pepsi Trail" as a take on the classic computer game "The Oregon Trail." Pepsi's version of the game is "meant to connect with soda drinkers who might have played it in the 1990s." According to a developmental version of the game shared with AdAge, the goal of the game is to "collect as many 90s items along the trail as you can with your dawgs."


Look for Crystal Pepsi coming back into stores on July 7 in Canada and August 8 in the U.S.