Mythbusters' Build Team Is Getting Their Own Netflix Show

Mythbusters fans can get excited again, because the Build Team is coming back for a brand new show on Netflix. The below tweet was published at Dragon Con this weekend and has fans of the show, and specifically of these co-hosts, foaming at the mouth.

(Photo: Discovery Channel)

According to Nerdist, the show will be like Mythbusters, but in wonderland. The show will have a heavy focus on those deep, dark secrets on the Internet. See below Dragon Con's tweet:

Although it's always a treat to see Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, the new Netflix show starring Grant Imahara, Tory Belleci, and Kari Byron sounds like it has a lot of potential to be a good show for binging.

Are you excited the Build Team is getting back together for another TV run?


[H/T Nerdist]