Michael B. Jordan Responds To Internet Commenters About Gay Rumors

Star of last year's Creed and the upcoming Black Panther film, Michael B. Jordan isn't known for living a highly public life. Recently, an Instagram user took to Jordan's page to flood it with sexually explicit comments that called the star's sexuality into question.

Clearly the comments left by the user had gotten to Jordan and he was sick of hearing about it, so he took to Snapchat to share his thoughts. In the videos, he says:

“I usually don’t comment creep but, you know, s**t today I got time. So look, whoever’s angry, bitter, upset for whatever reason, grow the f**k up ‘cause karma’s real. And I usually take the high road. I usually don’t say s**t, I just let it roll ‘cause people are going to be people. Everybody they opinion. That’s what the Internet’s for. They going to say whatever.”

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After his clearly annoyed message to everyone, Jordan ended with, “Y’all my fans. Y’all don’t need to hear me ranting about some BS. Enjoy your family, enjoy your blessings, enjoy the people you hold close and cherish that.”

Although his words were more of an acknowledgment of the commenter than any clarification, it's pretty obvious he doesn't feel the need to tell the public anything he doesn't feel like telling them. We also learned that if you want to get Jordan to respond to you, you just need to flood his Instagram page with inappropriate comments.


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