Matt Damon Goes Into Detail About That Famous 'Good Will Hunting' Scene With Robin Williams

(Photo: YouTube, Miramax)

Good Will Hunting is one of those films that is near impossible to dislike. It has well-developed characters, an engaging storyline, and standout acting that produced a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for Robin Williams (while Matt Damon and Ben Affleck nabbed one as well for Best Original Screenplay).

The movie is filled with some great moments, but the one that shines is when Robin Williams puts Matt Damon's character in place with a story that would make even Faulkner quiver. In the above video, Damon goes into detail about filming that scene and that Williams "crushed it on the first take." Damon even talks about going back to that exact bench in the Boston Commons area.

It's a fact, this is one of the great dialogues in cinema. It's tightly written. It's cleanly edited. And it's brilliantly executed by Williams. Damon was right, Williams crushed it.