Mark Hunt Says Brock Lesnar Will Wish He Stayed Retired


On July 9, Brock Lesnar makes his return to the UFC octagon to face New Zealander Mark Hunt. Current WWE superstar Lesnar hasn't faced a UFC opponent in five years, and Mark Hunt believes Lesnar will not be thrilled with the outcome.

Hunt told FOX Sports, "Coming back after five years? I don't know. He says he's got an itch to scratch - well, I've got the scratcher for him. If you want to get an itch scratched in this sport, I've got it for you." Hunt is coming off two back to back knockouts and has been seeking a fight from a top five opponent. While Lesnar is not the top five opponent Hunt has been looking for, the fight will undoubtedly be a spectacle worthy of the return of a former UFC champion.

Lesnar first announced his return to UFC without knowing the opponent he would be facing. Dana White then decided Mark Hunt would be the right opponent to face Brock Lesnar for UFC 200. While Lesnar believes he is ready to return to the octagon, Hunt is determined to make sure Lesnar believe he made the right decision when retiring five years ago. Hunt stated, "I'll make sure he understands he should have stayed retired. This is a sport for real fighters."

Hunt and Lesnar will face off on July 9 in a showdown to determine whether former champion Lesnar still can compete in the UFC octagon after his five year hiatus.

Do you agree with Mark Hunt? Is Brock Lesnar making the right decision returning to UFC?