Man Tries To Escape Police In Go-Kart On California Highway

On June 29 in Oakland, California a go-kart driver was filmed fleeing from the cops on a stretch of the freeway in what must be one of the more bizarre police chases ever caught on video.

The video was posted to Twitter by user @Tonka_Boy_Dre who spotted the man whizzing down Interstate 880 in a go-kart while being chased by an unmarked police vehicle, according to ABC News.

"Local guys have an annual go kart and dirt bike ride throughout Oakland and sometimes jump on the freeway," tweeted @Tonka_Boy_Dre along to caption the video. Apparently this is not just a one time occurrence of an unusual chase.

The man caught on video in the go-kart may have been with a group of fellow go-karters on the freeway as @Tonka_Boy_Dre also tweeted, "This particular person on the go-kart was the slowest and the last in the pack. That's why he was being chased by the police."

It is unclear whether the man in the video was arrested, but the people recording video clearly hoped that the go-kart driver was able to escape like the rest of his go-kart rider friends apparently did.


What would you do if you saw someone driving a go-kart down the freeway?