Man Finds Terrifying Sea Creature Swimming In Flooded Parking Garage

A Miami, Florida, man went into this parking garage to find the area was being completely flooded. But what was even more surprising was the octopus splayed out in the water.

Richard Conlin came downstairs to find the sea creature floating in his parking garage. The next morning he watched in amazement as water gushed up through the sewer, flooding the area even more.

"Our greeting this morning in our garage… after Octopus last night! Global warming does not exist!" Conlin wrote on his Facebook.

But Conlin said he spotted more than just the octopus in his parking garage. He also found schools of fish alongside the cephalopod.

It's not uncommon for the area to experience seasonal flooding, but heavy rain and the supermoon has exacerbated the effect. According to a recent University of Miami study, tidal flooding in Miami Beach has risen 400 percent since 2006.

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What would you do if you found an octopus in a parking garage?


[ H/T Telegraph ]