Man Dressed In Batman Suit And Captain America Mask Steals Beer


As we all know Bruce Wayne is a legit millionaire, who would never have to steal a thing in his life. While we don't know what Steve Roger's financial situation is, he's probably too much of a goodie-goodie to even take a sip of alcohol, much less take without politely asking first.

A man in Salamanca, NY wearing a Batman suit and a Captain America mask, walked into a convenience store (no, this isn't a joke with a bad punchline) and stole two packs of Budweiser, then made his way to the towards the town bridge.

First of all, what an interesting disguise for a robbery, right? Does he even know that he mixed DC with Marvel? Probably, not. Clearly, this guy just wasn't concerned at all about giving our favorite superheroes a bad rap...

Second of all, how did the police not catch man, who most likely stood out like a sore thumb? Did he rip off his Halloween costume when he ran out of the place? I mean, he already needs a better quality suit as it is.


Either way, if you have any information, or if you happened to see this guy (which you won't) make sure you contact the local Salamanca, NY police department. You know, maybe Cap or Bats showed up to your party with a few cases of beer?