Motley Crue Singer Charged With Misdemeanor Battery

Vince Neil, lead singer of Mötley Crüe has been charged with misdemeanor battery following an [...]

Vince Neil, lead singer of Mötley Crüe has been charged with misdemeanor battery following an incident in April when the singer allegedly assaulted a woman in Las Vegas who was seeking an autograph.

The paparazzi caught the aftermath of the altercation as Neil and actor Nicolas Cage were recorded sparring with one another outside of the Aria Hotel, according to Rolling Stone. Following the scuffle, Neil was initially cited for battery. Authorities have since opted to pursue misdemeanor battery charges against Neil. Neil could potentially be facing up to six months in prison in the event that he is convicted.

Officer Michael Rodriguez of the Las Vegas Police Department confirmed to Rolling Stone, "[Mr. Neil] and Mr. Cage went to Aria. A female was attempting to talk to or get an autograph from Mr. Cage. Mr. Neil subsequently pulled her down to the ground by the hair." TMZ reported that the hotel capture the footage on its surveillance video.

After Neil allegedly pulled the woman to the ground by the hair, Cage and Neil apparently got into a "huge physical fight," in which the paparazzi was only able to catch the tale end of the interaction. The paparazzi shows the pair reconciling as Cage yelled at Neil saying, "Stop this s*** now!"

Representatives for Neil did not respond as of yet for comment in regarding the situation.

Neil was previously charged with battery and disorderly conduct back in 2011. The incident Neil was involved in at the time involved an altercation between him and ex-girlfriend at a theater. The battery charge was later dropped and after pleading guilty to the disorderly conduct charge, Neil was able to avoid jail time.

Neil denied pulling the woman by her hair but stated that he was merely trying to push past her as he was irritated with her hounding him for an autograph.

Worst case scenario for Neil will be a six month jail sentence.