Kenny Chesney Talks Writing His First Song to Get a Girl

Before Kenny Chesney was one of country's biggest stars, he was just another singer trying to romance a girl with a song. Only it didn't work.

In an interview with Natalie Morales on TODAY, Chesney explained how his attempt to woo with music was not successful in him getting the girl, however, it did help shape him as a musician. "Looking back on it, that was my first taste of rejection with my music. It's what every entertainer and every songwriter that tries to break into the business feels on a daily basis."

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The singer has moved on from those days of rejection, however, becoming a major icon in country music. Chesney's last album, Cosmic Hallelujah, was released earlier this year, and the singer described its theme as cutting out distractions that pull people away from each other.

"I have been a big dreamer, and I have been very hyper-focused on my career,'' he explained. "And I've been climbing a certain ladder almost my whole adult life. I guess the lesson in that is just to enjoy the journey. Enjoy the climb."

Chesney's last album featured a duet with Pink, which Chesney labeled, "one of my favorite songs I've done in several years."

"I knew it would work because I've sang harmony to her records for a long time,'' he added with a laugh. "You know, in the car."

As for his fans, Chesney always makes sure to give them the best show he can.


"There's a lot of adjectives to use about my fans, but I think that we share a certain philosophy in life,'' he said. "We work really hard, we play very hard, we love very hard, and just walk through the world in kinda the same way, you know?"


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