Kate Gosselin Subjects Her Kids To Insanely Strict Rules Off Camera

Despite what you see on TLC, it seems that it isn't all fun and games at the Gosselin house. It seems that when the cameras stop rolling, the rules of the house change, become strict, and involve lots of chores.

According to InTouch Weekly, the 41-year-old reality star, Kate Gosselin has quite the short leash on her eight kids. A source claims that the five girls and three boys are regularly subjected to pat downs and are under constant surveillance.

As the show suggests, it can be pretty difficult to be a single parent to eight children, but some of Kate's rules go beyond being ridiculous. This is especially the case when the kids come home from their father, Jon Gosselin's, home.

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When the kids are able to visit their father, who does not have custody, but only visitation rights as of now, they are not allowed to take any of their clothing. The kids arrive at Jon's home wearing their school uniforms. They wear the clothing that they have stored at Jon's, then return to Kate's home wearing their school uniforms.

Kate also makes sure to pat down the kids when they arrive home from their father's. They are not allowed to have cell phones, so she makes sure they haven't snuck on into the house. On top of all of that, Kate makes sure to occupy the kids time with chores around the home.

As of now, the former Dancing With The Stars competitor determines when Jon is allowed to see his eight kids. She is also the person who decides whether or not to tell Jon if one of his kids is, say, put in a "special needs" facility for a period of time - much like in the case of Colin Gosselin.

Jon has reportedly not seen his son Colin in two years, nor will Kate tell him where Colin is located. This has prompted the couple to appear before a judge to discuss their custody arrangements.

Hopefully, the two will come to an arrangement that is best for their eight kids, and not just what's best for the two of them.

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