Julianne Hough Shows off Jaw-Dropping 6-Pack Abs on Tropical Honeymoon With Brooks Laich

After marrying in a romantic, outdoor wedding in Idaho last week, Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich are headed off on their tropical honeymoon. While we're happy for Hough and her new hubby, the influx of honeymoon Instagrams between the two has made us green with envy — especially because we've been blessed with pics of Hough's killer abs.

In an Instagram with only a palm tree emoji as a caption, Hough bares her insane abs while sitting in a swing overlooking the beach's crystal clear waters.


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While this certainly isn't the first time we've ogled at the 28-year-old Dancing With the Stars alum's six-pack, we can't stop admiring her rock hard abs — and wondering what kind of work went into it.

As a professional dancer, Hough is never short on cardio and cites dancing as one of her favorite workouts; however, she's also a fan of switching up her fitness routine from time to time.

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"I usually try [to work out] five times a week...I love to start my day off with a workout," Hough told Elle. "It doesn't have to be high-exertion, two hours, let's go. But anything that gets me up and going. Sometimes it's an hour and a half, sometimes it's an hour, sometimes it's 45 minutes, just depends how I'm feeling on that day." She says that she varies her workouts because she gets bored with them pretty easily (who doesn't?). Think: yoga, spinning, hiking, personal trainer sessions, and lots of cardio, like dance classes, classes at studios like Body By Simone and Tracy Anderson, etc.

Looking for a couple ab-specific moves to copy Hough's sculpted six-pack? Try bicycle crunches and standing crunches.

"Dancing is so great because there are all the little details, and the little movements, and the little muscles that are working without you even realizing," Hough told Entertainment Tonight. "You can also do your basic crunches. I love a little bicycle. Standing abs are pretty cool, too!"

As for the newlywed's diet, she credits carbs for her crazy sexy body — in fact, she says she eats them at "every single meal". (Check out what a day of healthy eating looks like for her.)

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"Everybody is so afraid of carbs — they talk about them in a negative way, like, 'Carbs make me fat or bloated' — but just pick the right one and have a little bit," she told Us Weekly.

"They make my brain click on and everything else is able to function," she said. "I thought they were my enemy, but they're actually my best friend."

Hough echoes many nutrition professionals' opinions when she told the magazine that avoiding carbs altogether will get you nowhere in the long run.

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"I think when you deprive yourself, that's when you crave pasta and pizza."

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Her go-to meal? Chicken, veggies and sweet potatoes. No word yet on if the happy honeymooner will splurge on her diet during her tropical trip, but she's known to indulge in pizza, pasta and wine on cheat days.


Could you keep up with Hough's healthy diet and exercise schedule if it meant stunning abs like hers?

Photo Credit: Instagram / @juleshough