Hasbro Creates 'Wonky' Version Of Mr. Potato Head


In order to create awareness for food waste and raise funds for a charitable cause, Hasbro has created a 'wonky' version of Mr. Potato Head. The toy company partnered with surplus food redistribution charity FareShare to prove that you should not waste good vegetables and fruit just because they are not as aesthetically pleasing, according to HelloGiggles.

So often shoppers go the grocery store and only pick the "prettier" vegetables and fruits while the less pretty ones go to waste. These foods may not be as pretty, they are just as edible and this new wonky Mr. potato Head is determined to communicate this message.

The wonky Mr. Potato Head is based on the popular children's toy but with a slightly distorted body. The body has a more twisted appearance, but the standard Mr. Potato Head accessories will still fit into the new wonky version, according to Gizmodo. "Working with ASDA, a grocery store chain based in the UK, Hasbro's Wonky Mr. Potato Head features a more biologically-accurate potato used for his head." While the toy may have a unique appearance, it is no less fun to play with.

FareShare corporate development officer Daniel Nichols told Toy News, "It's the taste, not the shape that counts, and the charities and community groups we support can turn them into delicious meals for people in need."

Those who are already perfectly fine with buying imperfect fruits and vegetables will be happy to learn that the new toy is actually up for auction on eBay with the current bid being around $317. The auction began on June 27 and will end on July 3. Also, all the proceeds will be going to the FareShare charity, who will make sure that no food will ever be wasted just because it looks different.


Go to eBay to place your bid on the special version of the classic Mr. Potato Head toy.