Gamers Finding Pokemon In Strange Places With Pokemon GO

(Photo: @Hammy_UK, @Daniel_Sloss, @ReversalYouTube)

Nintendo's Pokemon GO game officially hit app stores in Australia and New Zealand today. The two countries, which are already known for their exotic wildlife like nightmarish spiders and gigantic snakes, are now finding themselves inundated by some adorable digital wildlife. However, it seems that gamers are coming across several of these Pokemon in some rather unexpected places.

From toilet bowls to street gutters, Pokemon GO gamers have found creatures like Magikarp and Drowsy in places they'd rather not find them. Fans who've managed to download the application have been uploading hilarious screenshots of them even stumbling upon Squirtles during their bathroom breaks. While the whole encounter is all done digitally, it's mildly soul-crushing to see fans' childhood friends sneaking up on them while they're in rather compromising positions.

With over 50,000 downloads, Twitter is now being inundated by amused gamers who're wanting to share their strange encounters with followers. For instance, user @Hammy_UK uploaded a photo of him prepping to snag a Squirtle from a cramped bathroom while @Daniel_Sloss jokingly wrote that Scotland was so rainy that even water Pokemon could be caught on its streets after he found a Magikarp sitting by a parked Jeep. User @ReversalYouTube even posted a photo of him holding a frying pan which is seen holding a Magikarp, so clearly, several of these strange places are nodding at some dark humor.

Pokemon GO is still unavailable in territories outside of the two countries, but fans have found ways to download the app by adjusting their phone's geolocation. So far, the game has racked up excellent reviews from nostalgic fans who're simply amazed they can now catch their favorite Pokemon. The application even triggers certain species to appear for gamers depending on their location, and already, Australian police have warned users to avoid precincts if all they want is to catch Pokemon.


There's no word yet on whether fans can expect even more Pokemon to flood their bathrooms in the future. Personally, I'd find it hilarious to see a Vaporeon hiding in my shower. What do you all think? Where is the strangest place you could imagine running into a Pokemon?