Game Of Thrones Episode 2: The Lost Lords Launch Trailer Released

got ep2 key art 650px

Telltale Games has released the full launch trailer for Game of Thrones Episode Two: The Lost Lords, the second of six episodes in their video game series based on HBO's Game of Thrones.

The Lost Lords continues the story of House Forrester, the lords of Ironwrath. Players will take control of the scattered House members, whose lives are thrown into disarray thanks to the events of the War of the Five Kings.


Check out the full trailer below. The episode will be released PC, Mac, and PlayStation devices on February 3, Xbox devices on February 4, and mobiles devices on February 5.

House Forrester is in disarray. Their liege lord and his heir are dead, and Ironrath is occupied by Whitehill soldiers. The survival of the family depends upon those who are left. Placed at King's Landing, the epicenter of intrigue, Mira Forrester must weigh her loyalty to Margaery Tyrell against the needs of her family, while choosing how to play the political games of Tyrion Lannister. One misstep could spell doom for Mira and her entire family. To the far north, Gared Tuttle finds that the wall and its crows hold little love for a squire from the Wolfswood, but finds kinship in the bastard son of Ned Stark. Gared must prove worthy of becoming a ranger in order to carry out the mission given him; one that is vital to the future of those he serves. To the east, Asher Forrester, the exiled son, is called back to Westeros to aid his family, but how can one man help when the Boltons rule the north with an iron fist? Meanwhile, an unexpected source of hope returns to the Forresters, but Ironrath is no place for the weak.