Fidget Spinner Lip Balm Is Now a Thing and Officially Coming to Sephora

Between unicorns and fidget spinners, 2017 has been quite a year in fads. But while the mythical winged horse is slowly heading back to its fabled caves behind what we can only assume are rainbow waterfalls, the fidget spinner trend is alive and well.

ELLE reports that the fidget spinner hype is not dying down anytime soon and instead, introducing its latest turn on the beloved craze with a cosmetic approach. Enter, the Glamspin. Featuring three built-in lip-gloss compacts, the Glamspin effectively solves your beauty woes as you fidget.

Three fruity favors!

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Featuring three fruity flavors of lip-gloss in three prongs, like, peach whirl, grape twist and strawberry cyclone, it acts like a regular fidget spinner, but lets you stop to some glamour to your fidgeting by applying a little gloss.

As a collaboration between BuzzFeed Product Labs and the trend-driven, cosmetics manufacturer Taste Beauty, it's a sweet, fruity palette that help ease anxiety, while letting you stay on top of your on fleek look.

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Initially sold on its own e-commerce site,, the $9.99 balm and toy hybrid will now be available on the Sephora website starting in August. After that, it will then be available at Saks Fifth Avenue and Dylan's Candy Bar, ensuring you cannot escape the fidget spinning.

Originally launched in June and taking off this summer, the hype for the fidget spinner lip-gloss is real as it raked in more than 5 million views on its Facebook page, proving you can spin, spin and swipe your way to a hot look.


Photo credit: Instagram / @glamspin