EXCLUSIVE: Legends of Gaming Goes Off On Street Fighter V With Op Infinity

The Legends of Gaming series has brought together some of YouTube's top gamers for a crazy competition. In each episode of the second season of the hit series, the gamers have taken on challenge after challenge - some games that every gamer at home has hosted tournaments of themselves, like Super Smash Bros. U or Call of Duty Black Ops III, and some that folks may be slightly less familiar with like Starwhal or Super Pole Riders.

(Photo: Endemol Shine Beyond USA)

Well, now it's down to two - and they're teammates! After the Rocket League match sent Moo and MissesMae packing, the teammates of OpInfinity, TmarTn and The Zombi Unicorn, have to face off one on one in Street Fighter V, and we have the debut of the episode for you right here, before it even hits Smasher Network!

(Photo: Endemol Shine Beyond USA)

Watch the extremely close match between Zombi Unicorn's Chun-Li and TmarTn's Zangief; Yeah, TmarTn goes pretty button-smashy on her, and flat-out admits he has "no idea what [he's] doing." The rest of the competitors look on in amazement at the complete lack of skill from either of them - hey, we've all been there.

Don't worry, though, Zombi Unicorn fans, the finals are a best of three. The next episode will debut soon and she has a chance to steal the championship away from TmarTn with two victories in a row.


Legends of Gaming is a digital competition series that brings together 8 of YouTube's top gaming personalities to compete in a series of video game challenges and is hosted by YouTube gaming sensation Syndicate. The contestants/gaming legends in this second season include Gassy Mexican, Eric from Reckless Tortuga, Moo Snuckle, Misses Mae, TheZombiUnicorn, TmarTn, Terroriser, and mcsportzhawk. You can catch up on the entire second season in the player above this!