Donnie Wahlberg Leaves Generous Tip for Waffle House ‘Queens’

Actor and singer, Donnie Wahlberg is receiving praise for leaving a whopping top after dining at a Waffle House in North Carolina.

The Blue Bloods and New Kids on the Block star took to Instagram to share a message with his fans and followers of how grateful he was for his recent experience at a Charlotte, North Carolina Waffle House.

"My mom waited tables, and my dad tended bars — for years!" he wrote. "So, when I walk into a [Waffle House] and the staff treats me like a king, you better believe I treat them like queens!"

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With an image of his receipt for a meal worth $82.60 and a charming selfie of him and the crew, Wahlberg evidently tipped the "queens" a whopping $2,000, concluding his message with sincere thanks and a heart emoji.

The 47-year-old also took to Facebook to share his experience with a Facebook Live video, which lived up to his every expectation and that generous tip.

This isn't the first time Wahlberg has shown his soft spot for the service industry. In June, he took to Twitter to share his visit with an Edgewater, Maryland Waffle House's night crew and passed along $500 in gratuity for their service.

Great crew at [Waffle House] in Edgewater MD!" he captioned the image. "Thanks for the awesome service! Night made!"

In an interview with the Baltimore Sun, grill operator, Nick Funk said he was surprised by the former boyband's generosity.

"I thought 'Oh wow, he tipped me more than I ever did in a week's pay," Funk, said.

Fellow Waffle House employee, server, Angi Silen said it was definitely unexpected, telling the paper that she cried over the whole thing.


"It's a big thing for my family because we're going through tough times," she said of her share that she would use to help her pay rent. "There's no extras in my world lately."

Photo credit: Twitter / @accesshollywood; Facebook, Twitter / @hmn5058