Donald Trump's Granddaughter Has A Strange Video That Is Going Viral In China

A video of President-elect Donald Trump's granddaughter has been going viral in China for a strange reason.

The video is nearly 9-months-old and has been spreading like wildfire on Chinese social media platforms, according to Fox News.

The short clip shows five-year-old Arabella Kushner, the daughter of Ivanka Trump and her businessman husband Jared Kushner. Back in February, Ivanka Trump shared the video on Instagram showing Arabella speaking Mandarin while donning traditional Chinese garments. The video was shared on social media in celebration of the Lunar New Year.

Ivanka Trump shared the video with the caption: "Arabella wanted to have a pre-bedtime #ChineseNewYear party this past Sunday evening. She got all dressed up and performed songs and poems for Jared, Joseph and me. It was pretty adorable. #yearofthemonkey #happyChineseNewYear."

Check out the Instagram post above to see the post that has been blowing up Chinese social media.

Billionaire real estate tycoon Donald J. Trump has sparked many interesting reactions since winning the Presidency. Some have turned to anger and protests that have been on going since last week's election results came in. There have also been a slew of celebrities who have been outraged by Donald Trump becoming the next President.

Comedian George Lopez recently spoke out about Trump winning the Election and he definitely did not mince words. Other popular figures that have reacted to the former Apprentice star heading to the White House include: Wanda Sykes going ballistic on Trump during a stand-up routine, Miley Cyrus sharing a tearful video tribute to Hillary Clinton, and Amy Schumer voiced her anger with Trump supporters.

What are your thoughts about this video of Donald Trump's granddaughter going viral in China?


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