Donald Trump Gave 11-Year-Old Daniel Radcliffe Some Strange Advice

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe joined Late Night With Seth Meyers and recalled a strange encounter with presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Radcliffe told Meyers of a time when he ran into Trump backstage before an interview on the Today Show. "It was my first time in New York," Radcliffe stated, "I was really nervous, 11-years-old, had never been on live TV before and was terrified. [Trump] was a guest on it, and presumably somebody went up to him and was like 'you want to meet the kid who plays Harry Potter?'...I remember having some idea of who he was but not really a full concept."

Then upon meeting the real-estate mogul, Radcliffe told him he was nervous about his first time on the Today Show and on live television to which Trump apparently responded, "You just tell them you met Mr. Trump."

Radcliffe continued stating, "To this day, I can't even imagine that level of confidence." He then put himself in Trump's place joking, "I am interesting enough to be everyone's story."

The actor was there with Seth Meyers on the late night circuit to promote his upcoming role in the Off Broadway play Privacy. This isn't Radcliffe's first venture into live theater as he has previously appeared on Equus and How To Suceed In Business Without Really Trying. Radcliffe's new play will be coming to the Public Theater stage.

Radcliffe also mentioned to Seth Meyers regarding the upcoming play that audience members are encouraged to keep their cell phones out during the production as to participate with the performance. "A lot of the show is about the nature of privacy in post-Edward Snowden world," Radcliffe mentioned.

"It also brings in social media...there's a lot of interactions that go on onstage that we want people to be a part of in the audience and play along. There's a poll at some point, you can email stuff to us during the show...if we pull it off, it's going to be really cool."


What do you think about Donald Trump's advice to an 11-year-old Daniel Radcliffe?