Derrick Rose Wants To Be Treated Like Tupac During His Sexual Assault Case

New York Knicks player Derrick Rose wants his rape accuser's identify revealed, and he's pointing to Tupac to make it happen.

Rose, who has been embroiled in a sexual assault case, says it's unfair that his accuser gets to remain anonymous while trashing him and talking about the case to the media. While the judge initially sided with Rose and ordered the accuser to reveal her identity, the unnamed woman is fighting to remain anonymous. But Rose has a secret weapon: Tupac.

(Photo: TMZ)

The Knicks player referenced Tupac's sexual assault case from 1993, where the judge forced the rapper's accuser to reveal her identity. Rose reasons he should be treated the same way.

"Mr. Rose would be placed at a serious disadvantage if he were required to defend himself publicly while Ms. Doe could make her accusations from behind a cloak of anonymity."

The judge presiding over the case is set to rule on the matter this Thursday.


Do you think the rape accuser should be allowed to remain anonymous?

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