Colin Kaepernick Jersey Sales Are Skyrocketing After National Anthem Protest Started

Colin Kaepernick has been stirring things up lately by protesting the National Anthem because of his stance on police brutality. He wore socks to practice that sent a clear message, made a hefty donation to charities that will aid communities in need, and also took a knee during the anthem before his first game. And now, his jersey is climbing the charts rapidly in sales.

(Photo: Twitter / BBC News)

Needless to say Kaepernick has riled up a lot of people up on both sides and has actually sparked some interesting debates on whether a player should protest in this manner. But the big kicker is that his jersey sales are dominating and don't seem to be stopping:

Along with some great jersey sales and other players joining the protest, we are getting a good dose of Internet comedy (which is always welcomed):

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out and how Kaepernick will pivot from here. Stay tuned, more to come, guaranteed.

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