Bryan Cranston Is The Movie Version Stan Lee We Need

stan lee banner movie
(Photo: Entertainment Weekly)

With all the biopics coming out in droves, including Bryan Cranston's newest The Infiltrator, which this fan mock up was conceived from, you wonder why there couldn't be a Stan Lee movie in the works already.

Leave it to the Internet to at least give us a fun poster for the Stan Lee movie using Cranston as the model for a 1960's/70's looking Stan the Man.

stan lee movie
(Photo: Entertainment Weekly)

One could wonder if they could do something like this in the years to come with the early days of the Marvel bullpen with Stan, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Bill Everett, Gene Colan, and maybe even Jim Steranko later on. There hasn't been any sort of comic book bio pic since the likes of American Splendor, which showcased the life of Harvey Pekar. Jack Kirby, played by Michael Parks in Argo, had a bit role, but was cut out from most of the movie.


Who wouldn't put down the eight bucks to have him say "Face front, True Believer!" for about two hours right now if they could?