Bray Wyatt Obliterates Randy Orton With Sneak Attack

After Bray Wyatt recently blindsided Randy Orton at Backlash, the Viper went before the WWE universe to issue another challenge to The Eater of Worlds.

Orton was clearly still agitated that the sneak attack by Wyatt forced him to forfeit this past Sunday. Therefore on September 13 at Smackdown LIVE, the Viper challenged his adversary to a brawl right then and there.

"You say you're the face of fear," Orton said. "And I finally know what that are the face of fear because you're afraid. You're afraid of me."

Orton continued: "You were afraid of me Sunday night at Backlash, that's why you attacked me from behind. You tried to mame me. You tried to end my career...So Bray here I am, I'm in this ring all by myself and I'm ready for a fight. Come on down to the ring and face your fear."

Instead of coming out to face Orton head on, Wyatt appeared on the TitanTron to continue his mind games. Immediately after the lights flickered and Wyatt's sinister "DAT!" rang throughout the arena, The Face of Fear appeared behind Orton near the announcer's table.

At first, it seemed as though Wyatt was going to accept Orton's challenge. However, he then vanished as quickly as he appeared.

As the lights flickered off and on again, Orton was surprised by a sneak attack by Wyatt's loyal henchman Erick Rowan. The Viper was able to thwart the surprise as he finished off Rowan with a lethal RKO.


Who do you think will win between Orton and Bray Wyatt when the wrestlers face off in the ring next?