Brawl Erupts Between Orioles, Royals After Player Hit By Pitch


After being hit in the back by a 99 mph fastball, Orioles shortstop Manny Machado charged the mound towards Royals pitcher, Yordano Ventura, causing a bench clearing brawl. Both Machado and Ventura tossed aside their hats and gloves as they prepared to throw punches at one another while the rest of the players immediately rushed in on the action. The majority of the players and coaches from each side played the roles of peacekeepers as Machado and Ventura wrestled one another to the ground.

Tempers flared initially during the previous at-bat before the fight when Ventura threw two pitches high and inside at Machado. After eventually popping out to deep left field, Machado appeared to be talking to Ventura voicing his displeasure at the previous pitches. Then on Machado's third and final at-bat, Ventura sent a 99 mph fastball directly at Machado's side causing him to charge the mound.

When asked about the altercation Machado stated, "I don't regret anything. When somebody's throwing 99 mph at you it's going to hurt. You can ruin someone's career. You don't think in that situation. You just react to it."

While there is no history of discord between the two players, Ventura is no stranger to squabbles involving opponents. Ventura had run-ins with opponents such as Mike Trout of the Angels, Brett Lawrie who played for the Athletics at the time, and White Sox outfielder Adam Eaton.

After players and coaches successfully separated Machado and Ventura, both players were ejected and both teams went back to their respective benches. The orioles ended up winning the game 9-1 after Ventura allowed 6 runs in 4 and 1/3 innings.


Although his team eventually won the game, was Manny Machado justified in charging Yordano Ventura on the mound and causing the bench clearing brawl?