Brad Pitt Allegedly ‘Furious’ At Angelina Jolie For Putting Their Kids In Danger

Brad Pitt says his children are now at risk because of Angelina Jolie's claims against him of being a bad father, according to TMZ.

Pitt says her claims pose a risk to their children because now there's a bounty on the heads of the entire family, and now they're a prime target for the paparazzi, according to TMZ.

(Photo: TMZ)

"She's just unleashed hell," Pitt said, according to TMZ.

It's been a dreadful day for the couple after Jolie filed for divorce from Pitt. The news took the internet by storm, and Pitt quickly made a public statement that he's "very saddened" by the news, but is keeping his focus on the "well-being of our kids."

It was later reported that Jolie hired a private eye to follow Pitt, and that's when she discovered he was cheating on her with actress Marion Cotillard.

Now, Jolie is seeking sole physical custody of their children claiming that Pitt is a risk to their safety.

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