Bill Murray Caught Golfing In The White House

From dodgeball games to bars to house parties to the Chicago Cubs locker room, Bill Murray has been spotted in weird places more often than Bigfoot. As the year comes to a close, it looks like the White House was the former Ghostbuster's final destination on his year-long tour of going wherever the hell he feels like. He even had time to sneak in a few holes while he was there.

Native Chicagoan was awfully nice to allow a Chicago Cubs fan into the White House at all, let alone hold off on calling the secret service when he was sinking putts in the Oval Office.

With Obama having to leave the White House in the new year, and knowing that the guy who's moving in not only wants to repeal healthcare measures the president took, it looks like a last ditch effort to encourage people to participate in the Affordable Care Act. We have a feeling that the president-elect might not be as interested in participating in wacky videos that promote public policies as much as Obama is, but it's comforting to know that Bill Murray got the chance to play golf in the White House.

[H/T Consequence of Sound]

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