Big Bang Theory Recap: "The Fetal Kick Catalyst"

The episode opens with Penny getting an invite to a small comic-con to sign autographs. Leonard mentions that the convention typically has sad "D-list celebrities" in attendance, which is why they invited a failed actress. Penny's hesitant, but Leonard convinces her to go because if she doesn't like nerds fawning over her than "their marriage is in trouble".

Meanwhile, Amy tries to convince Sheldon to have people over for a "gathering". However, Sheldon browbeats that idea into the ground, because he generally doesn't like people.

That night, Howard feels his baby kick for the first time while cuddling with a sleeping Bernadette. He's understandably excited at first, but then he realizes how unprepared they are for parenthood.

fetal kick analysis
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The next morning, Leonard excitedly shows off all the supplies he bought for Penny's autograph signing. He even bought a dorky looking coin dispenser for his belt.

Sheldon surprises Amy by organizing a "trial" brunch as their first get-together at the apartment. He's invited Stuart, Bert from the geology lab, and one of their neighbors from downstairs.

Meanwhile, Howard goes a bit overboard trying to prepare for their baby. He surprises Bernadette by buying a top of the line crib and taking a minivan for a test drive (with Raj in tow, of course.)

Penny and Leonard get set up at the convention, and quickly meet some of Penny's fans. Most of Penny's fans either "ironically" love her movies and how bad they were, or just thought Penny's shower scene was hot. Leonard doesn't have a good time either, as he doesn't get to use his money changer. One fan even questions whether Leonard is actually married to Penny, despite multiple assurances.

Sheldon and Amy's brunch is about as awkward as you'd expect. Even Stuart is a little weirded out by Sheldon's choice of eccentric guests, which includes a woman who's learning how to speak English by watching television.

Howard tries to sell Bernadette on the minivan, but he ends up throwing out his back when he offers to take the crib out so she can go on a test drive. The subsequent drive to the ER convinces Bernadette to buy the minivan, mainly because Howard acts like a child during the entire ride.

Sheldon makes a fool out of himself when he accidentally slips that their brunch is just a practice run. Stuart seems a little offended...although let's be honest, he should have realized that something was up when he got the invite in the first place. Stuart throws a small fit about how he ostracized he always feels, but Sheldon sincerely apologizes and proposes a toast in his honor.


Leonard starts having a better time at the comic-con when he attracts a small crowd of nerds, all of whom want dating tips on how to get a "stone cold fox" like Penny.

The episode ends with Sheldon and Stuart drunkenly bonding over mimosas and complimenting each other on their respective quirks.