Batman's New Tactical Suit In Justice League Has Sent The Internet Into Total Mayhem

Oh snap! Zack Snyder just revealed a picture of Batman in his tactical suit.

The Internet, though, has made the obvious observation of Batsy's new gear. Does it resemble anyone you might have seen or read about before? Hint: he was already in Snyder's Watchmen. That's right, the suit looks eerily similar to Nite Owl, specifically the mask. The picture was tweeted by Snyder as he wraps up a final stretch of filming Affleck in the suit.

Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice saw Batman take Superman head on, defeat him, and then help him. Justice League will pickup with the Bats putting together a team of metahumans who can help him fight what evil forces are surely to come. And he will of course need a reup on gear - cough, cough, a brand new tactical suit.

The suit does looks like a ripoff of Nite Owl's, but maybe that isn't such a bad thing? The Internet sure doesn't think so. We must remember that this is just a quick first look. Snyder and Affleck love to tease these kinds of things on social media more than any other director/actor out there. So do not fret if this look doesn't match up to what you had in your head. There is more to come and that is pretty much a guarantee.

This picture is just one more step closer to Justice League, which is the real treat that comes from all of this. We have a long way to go in the DCU. From Wonder Woman to Aquaman to The Flash, it is going to be a fun ride with some definite suit and character adjustments. But that's ok because that's what film adaptations do!


What do you think of Batman's new tactical suit? Is it too similar to Nite Owl's?