11-Year-Old Girl Saves Mother Being Held Hostage By Bringing Note To School

A brave little girl helped her mother escape the clutches of her captor by slipping a note to school officials.

The mother had been held against her will in a trailer that belonged to a family acquaintance "for at least a couple of weeks" before coming up with a plan to get help. She gave a note to her 11-year-old daughter that explained the situation and when the girl arrived at East Feliciana Middle School she asked for help.

(Photo: St. John In)

"She couldn't leave," said East Feliciana Parish Sheriff Jeff Travis. "She needed someone to get her out of the situation and she couldn't talk on the phone."

The note prompted police to search for Donald Ray Guy. They arrived at his trailer with a K-9 unit and a chase team to investigate, but when they knocked on the door no one answered. After retuning with a warrant, police discovered the girl's mother inside along with two of Guy's relatives. Guy was found hiding in a closet.

Guy, who has at least three outstanding warrants, was arrested.


The 11-year-old girl and her mother were reunited, thanks to their quick thinking and bravery.

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