Walker Hayes Re-Releases '8Tracks' as Thank You to Loyal Fans

Walker Hayes is grateful for the support of his fans, and to thank them, he is re-releasing 16 songs fromhis 8Tracks Vol. 1 & 2 albums, a collection of work tapes of his new songs, initially released in 2016.

"I have been so fortunate to get to do things in a unique way this time around. My team has let me take risks and create music that is authentic to me – even though it might not sound like anything else," says Hayes in a statement. "Today, we're putting out the music that got me here. I'll never forget the way fans' reactions made me feel when I first put these 8Tracks out. They are homemade and they are the foundation of who I am. This is my way of saying 'thanks' for everyone's support. I hope old fans are excited to hear them again and I hope new fans love them just as much."

Included in the 8Tracks, Vol. 1 album is a song called "Beautiful," also on his recent boom. album. The song, written by Hayes, is one of his favorite songs he has ever recorded, and one he hopes sometimes makes it onto the air waves.

"Just to be frank, I came here to be on the radio. I have a lot of songs that I feel like the world needs to hear," Hayes tells PopCulture.com. "We feel, without a doubt, that 'Beautiful' could have possibly been a first single. It's very radio friendly. It's autobiographical. It talks about me and [Tracks, Vol. 1 my wife] Laney breaking up after college, and tells a lot about my story, my love story. I love it. It's a great live song. I wrote it alone. I think again, it comes really, it's unhindered by co-writers or rules or anything. I wrote it straight from my memory, and so I'm proud of it. I'm excited about it."

A complete track list for both 8Tracks Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 can be found below. The albums are currently available for purchase on iTunes.

8Tracks Vol. 1 (Good Sh**)

1. "You Broke Up With Me" (Walker Hayes, Thomas Archer, Kylie Sackley)
2. "Beautiful" (Walker Hayes)
3. "Dollar Store" (Walker Hayes, Scott Stepakoff)
4. "Mind Candy" (Walker Hayes, Thomas Archer)
5. "Stay Sober" (Walker Hayes, Doug Waterman)
6. "Shades" (Walker Hayes, Cliff Audretch)
7. "Beer in the Fridge" (Walker Hayes, Shane McAnally, Matt Jenkins, Scot Sherrod)
8. "Bad Thing (Good Shit)" (Walker Hayes, Josh Jenkins, Matthew McVaney)

8Tracks Vol. 2 (Break The Internet)


1. "Break The Internet" (Walker Hayes, Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne)
2. "You're Happy" (Walker Hayes, Brandon Kinney)
3. "Halloween ft. Nicolle Galyon" (Walker Hayes, Nicolle Galyon)
4. "Face On My Money" (Walker Hayes, Josh Osborne, Nicolle Galyon)
5. "Beckett" (Walker Hayes, Shane McAnally)
6. "The Comedian" (Walker Hayes, Josh Jenkins, Matt Jenkins)
7. "Lela's Stars" (Walker Hayes, Matt Jenkins, Tyrus Morgan)
8. "Your Girlfriend Does" (Walker Hayes, Trevor Rosen, Brad Tursi)

Photo Credit: Instagram/WalkerHayes