Exclusive: Tyler Williams Releases Lyric Video For 'Simple'

Tyler Williams is sharing the lyric video for his single, "Simple," exclusively with PopCulture.com readers! The song is from Williams' recently-released Good For Me album.

"'Simple' is a song about a relationship that doesn't work out," Williams tells PopCulture.com. "You can remember the progression from the moment you really felt the relationship taking off all the way to how it felt when it was all over. There are a lot of feelings in between those two moments. And you play that game with yourself – if I would have done this and she would have done that, then things could have been different. But, it's not that simple."

The song, which says "I could have been strong, you could have stayed true / We could have had love that found a way through / I could have held on, but you had to let go / You had to move on, I was moving too slow / If I said I was ready and you say you forgive me / It could be forever like I thought you wanted / But it's not, and it's not that simple," is a message that Williams believes resonates with others as well.

"I think a lot of people have had a relationship or maybe several where that is the case," says Williams. "You get far enough away from the relationship to see the things that might have helped make it work. You also realize you've grown since the end of the relationship. Maybe you weren't equipped with the tools to do what was needed to make it better. Maybe what you had then in that relationship isn't what you want now. You can acknowledge it just isn't that simple. You can play a million what ifs, but all you're left with is a memory of what was."

Fans outside of country music are certainly familiar with Williams. A champion NASCAR driver, Williams also wrote the book I Have a Voice, about his journey to pursuing the things he is most passionate about (including music), and the lessons he learned along the way.


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Photo Credit: Angela Murray